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At Ignacio Health, we're committed to helping you navigate the complexities of healthcare and health insurance with ease and confidence. Let us be your trusted guide as you protect your loved ones and secure your future with insurance peace of mind.

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Our mission is to safeguard the well-being and financial security of our clients through accessible, comprehensive and cost-effective insurance offerings; ensuring that healthcare remains within reach for all.

Our team

At Ignacio Health, we're passionate about educating our clients, neighbors, and friends about their options around healthcare and insurance. Our goal is to help you navigate through the complexities of these areas with ease and confidence. We're committed to supporting you in securing your future and protecting your loved ones. Let us be your trusted guide as you journey though the highway of life.

  • Vanessa Ignacio

    Vanessa Ignacio


    Vanessa Ignacio is the proud owner of Ignacio Health Insurance Services, a position she has held since 2012. Known for her dedication to helping clients navigate the intricacies of insurance, Vanessa has earned a strong reputation as an advocate for clients, a testament to her expertise. Having resided on the Mendocino Coast since 1995 and hailing from Canada, she possesses a unique perspective on different medical systems. Vanessa's commitment to her clients transcends traditional roles, seeing herself as an advocate who accompanies them through the entire process. She firmly believes that an insurance agent's responsibility extends beyond mere policy sales. Rather, she strives to provide personalized support and guidance to everyone she serves.

  • Caitlin Riehl

    Caitlin Riehl


    Caitlin Riehl brings over 25 years of business experience to our agency, and since 2016, she has been an integral part of our team. With a focus on Long Term Care & Life Insurance, as well as other individual health policies including Medicare plans and individual family plans, Caitlin has a dedication to finding the perfect plan to fit your unique needs. As a part of the Mendocino Coast business community for over 25 years, Caitlin is not only an insurance professional but also a trusted figure who cares deeply about the well- being of her clients and her community.

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